Sister Airports Program

The Program establishes Sister Airport Cooperation Agreements, for the purpose of promoting and sharing industry best practices, ideas and information.  Focus will be placed on growing cargo and passenger industries, airport planning and development, as well as sharing market research.  Through this agreement, both airports will work together to promote air traffic and other aeronautical and non-aeronautical commercial and marketing processes and activities.   These goals will be realized through the formation of technical working groups and the facilitation of exchange educational visits, and more, in order to ensure the mutual success of this program. 


Sister Airport Results 

(to get your matching airports, simply download the above file and enter your airport code in cell "G3" of the "Sister Airports" worksheet)


Sixel Sister Airports Program

What will membership get you?

  • Sixel will create a dedicated website informational page
  • Sixel will identify potential partners
  • Sixel will provide research report on identified partners
  • Sixel will query potential partners as to availability and interest
  • Sixel will prepare and present results and recommendations
  • Sixel will prepare Sister Airport declarations and agreements
  • Sixel will assist in selecting appropriate gift for exchanges
$3500 one-time fee plus $750 annually (per partner) for Large Airports
$2500 one-time fee plus $500 annually (per partner) for Medium Airports

$1500 one-time fee plus $250 annually (per partner) for Small Airports


Extra Services ($1500 per trip plus expenses)

  • In-person exchange of gifts
  • Travel to solidify agreements
  • Travel to attend ceremonies and press releases and interviews
  • Facilitate personal exchanges
  • Representation at global conferences