Airport Seats Available

This analysis originated based on several emails and suggestions I received from people last week.  There were a few suggestions that the FAA's hub classification scheme from 2017 missed some airports that have scheduled service in 2019 and that some airports, like ATL and PDK shouldn't have the same catchment area analyses.  There was also a separate suggestion to take a look at the seat classification mix and concentration of Business/First Class seats in certain markets.

So this week I looked at things in a different way.  I took the population within 60 miles of every Lower 48 airport with scheduled seats in June 2019 and analyzed the split of seats at each airport based on Economy, Economy Plus and Business/First.  All seats were studied - domestic and international.  The final rankings are based on total seats / population.  As with last weeks spreadsheet you can find the ranking of your market by replacing your code in cell G3.

Let me know of suggestions for the next study and...

Download file here