Next Airport for LCC Service?

Following last weeks guesses about Southwest and where they might go next, I was interested in which airports had no LCC service at all (LCC defined as Allegiant, Frontier, Southwest or Spirit). 

So, like last week I drew a 60-mile circle around any airport that has LCC service through next June and eliminated all zip codes within those circles. 

I then took the remaining airports and drew 60-mile radii around those airports to determine the population and expected enplanements at those airports (some airports overlap catchment areas). 

There are still two airports with over a million population without any LCC service – Columbia, SC and Lafayette, LA.  Following those two are Baton Rouge, LA, Jacksonville, NC and Augusta, GA. 

In terms of Estimated Enplanements, Columbia, SC leads that list as well, followed by Jacksonville, NC, Augusta, GA, New Bern, NC and Macon, GA.

If I ran an LCC carrier I might be looking at Columbia…

Interestingly, the zip code in the Lower 48 farthest away from any LCC service is 55605 – Grand Portage, MN – which is 252 miles from any of the four LCC’s.

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