SCG's Postcards are perhaps the most iconic images of our firm. To celebrate new routes that SCG helped start through airline meetings, market studies, and grant pursuits - SCG sends postcards to aviation executives around the country. Find below selected postcards from recent years. Of course, we'd love to add a postcard from your community where SCG helped you land additional service. Feel free to contact any member of our team to find how we can best help you in your air service development pursuits.





November 2013: TLH-MCO


November 2013: FOE-ORD


November 2013: USA-SFB


October 2013: SCASD Grants


November 2013: Tucson to Portland


July 2013: Sioux Falls to Atlanta


May 2013: Burbank to Imperial


May 2013: McAllen to Mexico City


April 2013: Fargo to Dallas/Ft. Worth


March 2013: Denver to South Bend


February 2013: Laughlin-Bullhead


September 2012: Northwest Arkansas Regional, AR


September 2012: SCASD Grants


August 2012: Shenandoah Valley, VA


June 2012: Saint John


June 2012: Idaho


June 2012: Alpena, MI


June 2012: South Bend, IN


April 2012: Bismarck, ND



April 2012: Amarillo, TX



February 2012: North Bend, OR



February 2012: Glacier Park, MT, Medford, OR, and Idaho Falls, ID



January 2012: Salisbury, MD



July 2011: Garden City, KS



July 2011: Idaho Falls, ID and North Bend, OR


July 2011: Boise and Idaho Falls, ID


June 2011: Amarillo, TX


April 2011: Burbank, CA


April 2011: Sioux Falls, SD


April 2011: McAllen, TX


March 2011: Windsor, Canada


October 2010: Joplin, MO




October 2010: Lansing, MI




October 2010: Greenville-Spartanburg, SC




September 2010: Idaho Falls, Grand Rapids, Lexington, Youngstown, and Greensboro




July 2010: Tri-Cities, Tennessee




July 2010: Pasco, Idaho Falls, South Bend, Youngstown, and Myrtle Beach




April 2010: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina





March 2010: Small Community Air Service Development Grant Success


January 2010: SCG Lands Another New Route for the Dakotas


October 2009: Allegiant's Growth Continues in Sixel Markets

October 2009: American Eagle Prepares for the Economic Turnaround by Launching New Markets

April 2009: SCG Gets Low Fare Results for High Fare Markets



April 2009: SCG Positions Markets to Avoid Cuts and Gain Flights


April 2009: SCG Works With Delta/Northwest to Add Routes



March 2009: SCG Grant Proposals Get Routes Launched


November 2008: Another Toledo Express Success!


March 2008: New United Airlines Service Between Helena, MT and Denver, CO

February 2008: Salina & Dubuque

February 2008: Fargo, ND


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